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The strongest force is a united force and the teams that LDC has put together are industry leading. Together they have made LDC a leading player in the private equity mid-market.

From investment to support, whatever their specialist area all our teams share a winning philosophy, are committed to creating successful and enduring business relationships and strive to make a difference in each and every project they work on.

Investment Teams

Investment Teams

With offices spread throughout the UK and an Asian operation based in Hong Kong, LDC is able to support opportunities at home and abroad.

  • Chris Hurley - Regional Managing Director
    Martin Draper - Regional Managing Director
    • Darryl Eales - Chief Executive Officer
    • Patrick Sellers - Deputy Chief Executive
    • Candida Morley - Chief Portfolio Officer
    • Andrew Sandars - Operations Director

Executive Team

The Executive Team, led by Chris Hurley and Martin Draper, is responsible for the operational and strategic development of the business.

  • Andrew Sandars - Operations Director
    • Richard Davies - Head of ITC
    • Rob Macarthur - Director of Finance
    • Rob Pendleton - Marketing Director
    • John-Paul Preston - Assistant General Counsel

Support Team

The LDC operations infrastructure is invaluable and comprises a number of important support functions.

  • Ken Hills - Director
    • Rob Curwen - Investment Director
    • Maria Carradice - Investment Director
    • Richard Davies - Head of ITC
    • Edward Hayter - Investment Director
    • Andy Hampshire - Investment Director
    • Keith Holdt - Investment Director
    • Paul Reading - Investment Director
    • Andrew McMurray - Portfolio Director

Value Enhancement Group

A team of highly experienced individuals led by Ken Hills, working with businesses before, during and after a transaction has completed.

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