LDC in London

At LDC London our track record in making stand-out investments and delivering outstanding results for the businesses we back is something that truly sets us apart.

Since 1981 we have completed over 200 investments and have access to a wealth of experience in a range of deals and sectors.

In addition to our investment activity, since the beginning of 2015 we have completed five exits, generating proceeds of more than £280million (money multiple of 3x). These exits demonstrate our ability to identify the most significant growth opportunities in the market and unwavering commitment and support throughout a business’s journey within the LDC portfolio.

LDC London

One Vine Street,
London. W1J 0AH United Kingdom
Telephone +44 (0)20 7758 3680

London Team

LDC in London Portfolio

Our London team has backed more than 200 management teams across a diverse range of sectors.

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