Vision to Value: Climate change means this disaster recovery expert is in high demand

From oil spills to flash flooding, Adler & Allan is the company that comes to the rescue. Founded in 1926, the business helped clean up the biggest peacetime disaster to hit Britain in recent years – the 2005 Buncefield fire, which saw around 60m litres of oil spilled.

The business runs 24 depots across the UK and Ireland, which helps it to react quickly to all kinds of emergencies. “If there are natural disasters or floods, Adler & Allan is there to deal with the aftermath,” says non-executive Mark Calvert.  

However, the business has also now diversified into consultancy, training, maintenance and inspections too.

The firm is trusted to provide maintenance on more than 10,000 “critical infrastructure” assets around the country. “We have tweaked our business model to be more preventative and ensure everything is in place for when a situation arises,” says Calvert. 

The company has grown steadily for 90 years and Calvert believes there is likely to be an even greater need for Adler & Allan’s services in the future: “Climate change means more natural disasters,” says Calvert, adding that tightened environmental regulations are also driving the business forward.

In 2014, LDC backed the secondary buyout of Adler & Allan, helping the company to invest for the future. The capital has allowed the firm to grow through a mixture of organic growth and strategic acquisitions, which have broadened Adler & Allan’s portfolio of services.

LDC’s support went beyond funding, Calvert explains. “Prior to LDC’s involvement we felt that our customers weren’t necessarily aware of our full scope and offering,” he says. “We needed to get higher up the food chain with our larger clients and LDC encouraged us to professionalise that side of the business.”

As a result, Adler & Allan has become a market leader in its chosen fields. This has helped the firm attract the industry’s top talent, Calvert reveals. The business employs 600 staff. “As a market leader with a high level of technical expertise, people come to us rather than us looking for them,” he says. 

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