Backing Business Ambition

LDC has been backing the ambitions of British businesses since 1981, supporting the aspirations of the management teams of more than 600 small and mid-sized companies. As a part of our commitment, we are continuously identifying and championing the success of the UK’s high-growth medium sized businesses and their leaders, often viewed as the unsung heroes of the UK economy.  

In 2016, to mark our 35th year of backing ambition, we partnered with the Daily Telegraph to identify the UK’s 35 most ambitious businesses. The campaign saw us travel through the entrepreneurial heartlands of England, Scotland and Wales to uncover the companies demonstrating a standout ambition to succeed. Read more.

In 2017, we repeated our search to uncover tales of export, innovation and leadership amongst medium sized firms. We profiled more than 40 companies over the course of the year, sharing their leaders’ secrets to success and to inspire others and showcase how vibrant the UK economy is. The campaign culminated with a panel discussion at The Telegraph’s Festival of Business where LDC and high-profile business leaders shined a spotlight on the UK’s most inspiring firms. Read more.