At LDC, we believe the expectations of a private equity partner are shifting. It’s no longer just about funding, but the expertise and support firms can provide to guide and deliver business growth in partnership with management teams.

Our approach is rooted in industry experience, which is why many of our people have real industry as well as financial expertise, and also why we have a team of experts comprising former board-level operational, technology, digital and commercial executives with over 100 years of deep functional and sector experience between them.

Led by Richard Kirby, this team of experts is available to all our portfolio firms to help identify particular pressure points and new growth opportunities. They support management teams with projects from sales effectiveness, to digital marketing, procurement and operations.

Our experts work in partnership with management teams, helping to deliver measurable commercial and operational outcomes that support future business growth.

Take a look at some recent examples of where we’ve helped our portfolio companies to create value.

Saving £100,000 per year on packaging

Hill Biscuits

Hill Biscuits, one of the UK’s leading biscuit manufacturers, was spending over £500,000 each year on packaging as a result of having over 100 product lines and producing over 30 million biscuits each week for the retail and foodservice markets.

LDC worked in partnership with the management team to condense the number of product lines, reduce costs through value engineering and establish a broader list of suppliers to provide more flexibility.

Brendon Banner, Finance Director, Hill Biscuits: “Hill Biscuits worked closely with the LDC team to deliver substantial savings through updating our supplier model.”

B2B gift designer and distributor Paladone’s sales had historically been delivered through internal sales teams, with only a small portion directly through its website. Indeed, B2B website sales had been flat in the first half of 2018 versus the previous year.

We worked with Paladone’s marketing team to create and test a new website home page which improved the customer journey and increased sales. The new design generated year on year sales growth of 150 per cent.

Yann Le Bouedec, Commercial Director, Paladone: “The knowledgeable LDC team were excellent in helping us identify how we could drive a significant increase in our web sales. We’ve completely revitalised one of our sales channels.”

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Turbocharging revenue growth by 40 per cent


We worked with the management team of HR management software vendor CIPHR to update its sales approach, covering process, people and tools.

The business was already performing well but the board were keen to conduct a top-down evaluation of its sales approach. LDC aided the development of a strategy to improve sales across lead generation, field sales and account management.

With LDC’s support, the updated sales approach contributed to a 40 per cent increase in revenue over two years.

Alastair Hazell, Chairman, CIPHR: “LDC’s team has shown CIPHR what is possible, where targets need to be and provided the tools to get there. It has also been very helpful for developing our staff.”

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