Getting your business investment ready

Throughout the Festival of Business, we met with many business leaders, each with different ambitions.  It became clear that, while many are looking to secure funding, not all know how to go about it.

Our breakout session on Funding High Growth Business touched upon the importance of getting a business ready for investment, choosing the right partner and how funding can accelerate growth.

We heard from Joanna Jensen, founder of Child’s Farm, who has expanded her child’s toiletries brand with the support of angel investors, friends and family, Andy Phouli, co-founder of LDC-backed Rush Hair and Beauty, and Jon Wood, commercial director of Seabrook Crisps, which secured funding from LDC back in 2015.

If there was a common theme, it was that each business recognised the need for external investment in order to get to the next stage – to transform, to develop, to expand.

LDC’s Jonathan Caswell also joined the discussion, highlighting the importance of forming the right partnership and working towards a shared goal with external investors. The recurring point: it’s a journey, and you need people on board who are going in the same direction, working as companions.

To build on the themes discussed, and capture the learnings of our business leaders we’ve backed over recent years, we’ve launched a series of guides designed to help business owners secure and manage external investment. The first is ‘Investment Ready in 5 Steps’ where we start by considering how to prepare your business for investment.

From demonstrating a strong track record and articulating a vision and strategy, to developing achievable forecasts, building a team and mapping risks, this simple five-step guide provides first-hand advice from business leaders to help start that journey.

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