Would you like a receptionist worthy of James Bond?

“Everyone has spoken to one of our receptionists, though they may not know it,” claims Ed Reeves, the co-founder of Moneypenny. “We are the largest answering service in the UK.”

Founded in 2000 by Reeves and his sister Rachel Clacher, the business now employs more than 500 PAs. Each customer, whether they are a small business or a FTSE 100 company, is assigned their own receptionist.

Like all the best businesses, Moneypenny was born when the founders became frustrated with the state of play. Both ran different businesses, and one day Reeves received an angry call from a client.

“We employed an answering service to make the business look bigger than it was,” he says. “The client was cheesed off. They’d called to ask my office to put paper in the fax machine to receive an order. The lady had said ‘There’s nothing I can do’.”

Today, Moneypenny has given a traditional industry a hi-tech makeover: it uses voice recognition and voice to text technology to reduce customer costs. It has expanded to the US and is currently weighing up other English-speaking countries.

“The growth rate in the US is already much higher than the UK,” says Reeves. “And we’re excited to take advantage of the vast market opportunity out there.”