Why entrepreneurs choose to be in the East Midlands

Throughout 2017, LDC is searching the entrepreneurial heartlands of England, Scotland and Wales as part of its Backing Business Ambition tour, to uncover and showcase Britain's most inspiring and ambitious businesses. Today, we visit the East Midlands.

The East Midlands is the fastest-growing economy outside of London, home to many bold entrepreneurs and innovative companies. This is down, in part, to its impressive industrial heritage and the more recent diversification into service sectors, all boosted by its central geographic location and ever-improving transport links.

Many of the entrepreneurs who base their businesses in the region do not believe they could be successful anywhere else. Here, we speak to four of the most ambitious.

From IT outsourcing specialist Agilitas and legal software firm Peppermint Technology, to pram-maker Babystyle and savoury pastry manufacturer Addo Group.

All of these firms embody the entrepreneurial spirit which is helping drive the East Midlands economy.

Backing Business Ambition 2017