London is the ultimate launchpad for business ambition

Throughout 2017, LDC is searching the entrepreneurial heartlands of England, Scotland and Wales as part of its Backing Business Ambition tour, to uncover and showcase Britain's most inspiring and ambitious businesses. Today, we visit London.

Home to 9m people and more than 1m businesses, London is the beating heart of the UK economy. This is where ambitious entrepreneurs such as managing director of KMI Brands, Rachel Parsonage, Catherine Gazzoli, founder of Piccolo, and Mark Roy, boss of database specialist REaD Group, have chosen to grow their ventures. “In 2011, we were based in Sevenoaks, just 20 miles outside London,” says Roy. “We moved to Bermondsey, and the reason was purely talent. It’s the best pool of people we could possibly hope for,” he claims. “And being in London brings credibility.”

Baby food maker Gazzoli adds: “London is a super-hub, and we love being based in Covent Garden, but we never forget our roots as a Mediterranean inspired brand.”

The capital is home to the most diverse economy in Britain, supporting digital innovators like technology firm EDM Group, and old-world industries alike. This dynamic business ecosystem is one of the capital’s greatest strengths.

London and the South East are forecast to be the joint fastest-growing regions in the UK until 2019, according to financial services giant EY. The capital will see the value of its economy rise by 1.9pc a year, it found, beating the 1.5pc national average.