A Peppermint-fresh take on legal services

Arlene Adams came up with the idea for her business, Peppermint Technology, while working for a former employer. She was a dealmaker tasked with acquiring several companies that built software for law firms. “But I thought the software was backwards,” she reveals. “It was old-fashioned and limited the law firms’ potential.”

Adams also knew that a big legislative change was in the pipeline, which would shake up the legal sector. The Legal Services Act, which came into force in 2012, opened up the industry, allowing non-lawyers to enter the market.

“I started the business to help midmarket law firms survive in a competitive field full of new entrants,” says Adams. Peppermint’s software now helps its users deliver a much more efficient and effective service to their clients. But back in 2010, friends and colleagues told Adams she was “mad”.

“People told us we could never make it work,” she says. The business cost “millions” to build and also leverages the Microsoft Dynamics platform, which adds “billions” in software development nous to the final product, according to Adams.

Today, the Nottingham-based company, which employs 70 people, is expanding beyond the UK for the first time. This will generate double-digit revenue growth, Adams claims. “Our goal is to be the market leader in legal services across the globe.”

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