Yorkshire is the jewel in the UK’s entrepreneurial crown

Throughout 2017, LDC is searching the entrepreneurial heartlands of England, Scotland and Wales as part of its Backing Business Ambition tour, to uncover and showcase Britain's most inspiring and ambitious businesses.

Yorkshire’s business activity is growing at an impressive rate, second only to London, according to official statistics.

And the small and medium-sized businesses from God’s Own County are demonstrating real ambition and drive, too. According to research from Lloyds Bank, activity among firms in the region continued to grow steeply last month, at levels above the UK average.

The four businesses we’ve profiled from the region are amongst Yorkshire’s most ambitious.

Simon Gray, founder of energy drink firm Boost, is aiming for a turnover of £50m within five years, while Emerald Publishing has already become one of the world’s most respected academic publishers, thanks to its archive of consistently brilliant scholarly texts.

Being based in Yorkshire has actively contributed to the success of these firms. “People here are keen to work and enthusiastic,” says Vickie Brown from Distinction Doors. “Staff turnover is very low.”

Adler & Allan’s Mark Calvert explains that his firm deals with environmental hazards all over the UK, which makes Yorkshire the natural home for the business. “Harrogate is the geographic centre of the UK,” he says. “Our business reach goes well into Scotland and so this is exactly where we need to be.” 

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