LDC works with a strong and diverse network of experienced business leaders. They sit on the boards of our portfolio companies, bringing strategic expertise to the existing management team.

Here, two of our most experienced Non-Executive Chairman, Duncan Cooper and Graham Turner, give their view on the hot topics within their respective sectors, and how working with private equity can drive the growth in businesses.



Duncan has held Executive leadership positions in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning sector for more than 20 years. In addition to his Chairman role at ADEY, he is also a director of AVT Reliability and George Eliot NHS Trust Hospital.

“Uncertainty and general nervousness look likely to be the key factors at play in the economy for the foreseeable future, as the impact of the Brexit vote continues to dominate agendas.

“This will also create significant opportunities for management teams, both in the UK market and in export arenas, who are flexible and nimble enough to be able to respond to an environment that is likely to shift at pace. Working with a private equity house means constantly looking for ways to drive growth, and this is something we’ve mapped into our strategies in the coming months.”

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Graham has more than 20 years of experience in the restaurant, pub and leisure sector and currently sits on the board of LDC-backed leading healthy food-to-go retailer Vital Ingredient.

“As restaurant and food-to-go businesses move forward they will need to embrace technology and delivery as part of their core strategy. LDC and the Vital Ingredient team identified this area early on in the process and are now well positioned to respond to the challenges in the sector.

“We worked together to launch the Vital Ingredient App, which replaced the company’s existing card based loyalty scheme. The business now also operates delivery platforms for its product allowing it to leverage the efficiency of its stores.”

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