McLaren has the whisky packaging business all wrapped up

Scotland exports £4bn worth of whisky each year and for these bottles to arrive safely at their destinations, they have to be safely packaged.

McLaren Packaging, which was founded in 1979, produces the corrugated cases that help this precious cargo reach more than 150 countries around the world. It started out making the partitioned boxes that help bottles survive bumps along their journey - and any changes in temperature - but now also makes the branded composite tubes and rigid boxes that help premium and luxury bottles stay safe while looking good. 

“We are a family run company supplying small, independent operators through to large multi-national organisations,” says Michael McLaren, whose father founded the company. “We're drinks packaging specialists and have expanded beyond whisky and spirits into mixers, beers, and other ready-to-drink products.”

The business is gearing up for growth, investing heavily into its rigid box making facility Blue Box Design in Stirling. The state-of-the-art packaging plant will help the business reach its target of £20m in turnover by 2020.

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