Backing ambition in Yorkshire – by John Garner, Head of LDC in Yorkshire and the North East

Yorkshire is an exciting region for business, home to hundreds of innovative, growth companies operating across a diverse range of industry sectors. From well-established clusters like food and drink and financial services to newer areas in technology and digital and creative industries, the level of ambition is impressive and infectious.

Last year we backed Team17, the market-leading games developer and publisher best known for the popular Worms franchise. Whereas this month we supported the management buyout of Pelsis, the leading manufacturer of branded pest control products, in a deal that will enable the business to accelerate its global growth strategy. 

It’s this kind of variety that makes the business community so vibrant.

Similarly, Distinction Doors is a classic example of a firm that has consistently innovated, and delivered impressive growth as a result. Emerald Publishing meanwhile is a Yorkshire business which has stayed true to its roots whilst going head to head with global players in its market. And the sports and energy drink brand, Boost Drinks, shows just what can be achieved with the right product and ‘go-to-market’ strategy. What’s more, there’s so much opportunity ahead for each of them.  

LDC has had a presence in Yorkshire for almost 30 years, investing more than £450m in capital, and our regional portfolio supports over 4,000 jobs. Over this time, we’ve partnered with many management teams, helping their small and mid-sized businesses in becoming global players. Our purpose is simple - to support and scale more of those companies, creating value and prosperity for all those involved.

We’ve pledged to invest £1.2bn of equity in UK small and mid-sized companies over the next three years. These partnerships will come in a range of shapes and sizes, from classic management buyouts to development capital injections, and for different reasons – supporting a change of ownership, helping founders de-risk and crystallise their value, funding mergers and acquisitions.

It’s all about unlocking the potential of great, growth businesses across Yorkshire.

John Garner, Director and Head of LDC in Yorkshire and the North East.  

Backing Business Ambition 2017