Three decades supporting ambitious management teams in the Midlands

In 1987, LDC opened an office in Birmingham city centre. It was our first outside of London, and it marked a new chapter for us.

Three decades on and we’re still here in the heart of the Midlands’ professional community, ensuring businesses in the region have access to the support and capital needed to prosper and thrive.

LDC in the Midlands has backed more than 150 ambitious management teams with more than £1.2billion of equity since we opened and our successful current regional portfolio consists of over 25 innovative, enterprising businesses, all with ambitious management teams at the helm driving forward growth.

We’ve supported firms operating across a range of sectors both in Birmingham – a city that has, in recent years, seen the fastest growth in the number of businesses in the country – and across the wider Midlands region. From manufacturing, to technology and food businesses, our role is to support their vision using the right balance of financial and strategic support, to help them reach their potential and make their ambitions a reality.

This is the kind of collaborative approach we’ve taken with the five deals we have completed so far this year, including the management buyout of Stuart Turner, the UK market leading water pump and pressure solutions business, and the secondary buyout of the UK’s leading chilled savoury pastry producer Addo Food Group.

So, what about the next thirty years?

Birmingham and the Midlands are at a pivotal point. A new Regional Mayor, a Government committed to backing the ‘Midlands Engine’ and the most significant investment in our local infrastructure that we’ve seen for decades, all contribute towards making the city a very attractive place to work and invest in.

This summer we continued our support for Birmingham Children’s Hospital, a vital institution for our City, with The Big Sleuth. For us, The Big Sleuth was all about generating a strong community spirit and supporting local businesses. Projects like this encourage a flow of people in to the city, exploring the trail that stretches right across Birmingham, and helping to showcase exactly what this City has to offer.

The city is a hub of innovation, industrial prowess and entrepreneurism. As such it has always played a key role on our national economic stage. As the Government looks to embrace an industrial strategy to better balance our economy in a post-Brexit world, our part to play in the Midlands will only increase.

Just as economic success in the Midlands is fundamental to the UK economy, our Midlands team and Birmingham’s business community are central to LDC’s prosperity.

These relationships are vital to the success of the deal-making community – and so as the Midlands continues to shine as a corporate finance hub, prospects for regional deal-making remain strong.

We’ve pledged to invest £1.2billion nationwide over the next three years to accelerate the growth of small and mid-market businesses. I would like to see a big chunk of that going to ambitious companies here in the Midlands.

We are in a unique position compared to other private equity houses. As part of Lloyds Banking Group, we have a committed source of funding, and this provides certainty. It supports our long-term, flexible approach to investment.

We want to back businesses in this region. We have the funds. We have the expertise, and track record, to take successful companies and make them trailblazers in their field. We look forward to what lies ahead for the region, for the businesses we support and for the next wave of management teams looking for growth to take their business to the next level.

You can read all about the success stories of some of the businesses that LDC in the Midlands is supporting here -  be it delivering strong sales growth, progressing a buy and build strategy or increasing footfall.

Andy Lyndon, Head of LDC in the Midlands