Backing ambition in the South - by Yann Souillard, Director and Head of LDC in the South

Oxford is home to an extraordinary number of ambitious businesses. Crucially, the business landscape here is as diverse as it is dynamic, with many industries - from publishing to life sciences - flourishing side-by-side.

LDC has had an office dedicated to the South for 17 years, and during that time we’ve supported 60 management teams from across the region, investing more than £675m.

We’re very proud that LDC’s capital has had a significant impact already. Our current portfolio supports more than 4,300 jobs and generates revenues of more than £475m.

The growth potential of the entrepreneurs based in Oxfordshire cannot be overstated. Fuelled by the academic output of Oxford University, and supported by the innovation coming from corporate neighbours such as the major publisher Oxford University Press, and domain name giant Nominet UK, these companies are bringing exciting innovations to market.

Bold companies like ByBox will be the lifeblood of Britain’s economy over the coming years. That’s why we pride ourselves on offering genuine support alongside cash, to truly help them realise their potential.

We want to help more fast-growth businesses from Oxford and the rest of the South to achieve their growth plans, both in the UK and overseas.

Yann Souillard, Director and Head of LDC in the South

Backing Business Ambition 2017