Natural slushie specialist Krush-es the competition

Businesses keen to offer their customers a cooling slushie turn to Polar Krush for their machines and mixes. The Ashington-based firm provides their iced drinks kit to 4,000 cinemas, bowling alleys, theme parks and more around the UK, and is growing at more than 60pc a year.

Unlike most competitors, Polar Krush’s products are almost entirely free from artificial colours. It uses red carrot to make its strawberry flavour a rich crimson, for example.

“We’ve also started taking the sugars out and are hoping to have a sugar-free product by next year,” says Paul Goldfinch, who launched the business in 1998. “The idea is to offer customers a guilt-free treat.”

Goldfinch came up with his secret recipes while boss of his father’s ice cream parlour. “I was asked to create a slushie for a local business so I tried mixing one in a bucket,” he recalls. “The first one was absolutely terrible, but a few tries later and it tasted fantastic.”

The company has made tentative moves into Europe but is hoping to soon generate five pc of its revenue from exports.

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