Welsh innovator brings drinking water to worlds danger zones

Llanelli-based Hydro Industries was founded six years ago with one aim: to bring healthy drinking water to the dangerous or unstable places in the world.

The water treatment company may have diversified into all kinds of other services - cleaning polluted water after oil spills and processing industrial waste water, among others - but founder Wayne Preece remains committed to his original aim, and recently finished a project that brought drinking water to Sudan.

Innovation has been key to Hydro’s success: “Our technology is very green and can integrate easily with other technologies,” says Preece. “Some 30pc-40pc of our spend as a company goes on R&D in some form or other.”

“Being a small, nimble company has been a real strength as we can respond to situations very quickly,” he adds.

“We can find solutions within 48 hours.” Exports make up 70pc of the business, and the Middle East is a major market for the fast-growing company.

Preece adds: “Hydro is proving that Welsh companies can have global ambitions.”

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