The hunt for Britain’s most ambitious businesses - by Rebecca Burn-Callander

The hunt for Britain’s 50 most ambitious businesses is on. Finding these exciting firms will not be easy: most of these entrepreneurs are too busy growing their ventures to shout about their exploits. But we will scour the length and breadth of Britain to find the cream of the crop, the companies steadily growing turnover and profit, seeking out new markets and sectors, innovating, and creating bold new business models. 

The need to celebrate businesses like these has never been greater. With headlines dominated with talk of the upcoming General Election, ongoing Brexit wranglings, and the backdrop of rising socio-political unrest in the UK and beyond, it is all too easy to forget about the plucky businesses quietly getting on with things. Without these innovators, the job creators, the growth generators, our economy would falter. 

The stories we hope to uncover will not only remind us all of the scale of ambition and endeavour that this country has to offer, it should also inspire other entrepreneurs, and help them to pursue their dreams. It follows on from last year’s brilliant Backing Business Ambition initiative, which was co-created by LDC as part of the private equity backer’s pledge to help support Britain’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

I am delighted to be involved with this campaign, which promises to unearth entrepreneurial gems from every UK region. The only worry I have is how we’ll limit the number to 50. 

By Rebecca Burn-Callander
Rebecca Burn-Callander is the former Enterprise Editor for the Daily Telegraph and is also the Editor-in-chief for LDC’s Backing Business Ambition tour.

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