Radnor Hills has a thirst for growth

Back in the nineties, William Watkins began selling water from the well on his family farm to bring in a little extra revenue.

Today, Radnor Hills, which is still based in Powys in mid Wales, has diversified beyond water into flavoured waters, presses, and juices.

“Water is only 20pc of the business now,” says Watkins, who is the fifth generation to run the family farm. “Half of the products we produce are our own brands and half are made for the supermarkets.”

The company’s big break came at the height of the recession when consumers began trading branded soft drinks for supermarket own-label ones.

“We saw an explosion of growth,” Watkins says. Rather than rest on his laurels, the entrepreneur is now looking to diversify further, by investing in a new Tetra Pak packaging plant, which will allow products to be exported into Europe.

Radnor Hills is heading for a turnover of £50m by 2020.

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