Pushing the boundaries of ambition

As LDC ambassador Mark Beaumont prepares for the greatest challenge of his ultra-endurance career, one thing has become abundantly clear: constant evolution and pushing boundaries are key to success.

Prior to his attempt to cycle around the world in 80 days, Mark took on the Around Britain challenge to help fine tune both himself and his team. The plan was to work out and resolve any issues they might face before the main event.

Since that training ride, Mark and his team have made subtle changes. Be that modifications to his bike, his team or the logistics of his plan. This has all been done with one eye on being able to reach optimum performance, but also out of recognition that plans need to adapt to meet this ambition.

In his own words, “I think it’s at the heart of our DNA to figure out what we’re capable of. It’s no different in business. Teams that show real resilience and strive to push forward stand a better chance of success. You cannot grow a successful business unless you’re prepared to do something different. It’s all about seeking out unique opportunities and unique people.”

As one of Mark’s lead sponsors, this resonates with our own outlook, and when Mark sets off to take on the World this Sunday, we’ll see just how important it is to push the boundaries of ambition.

Throughout Mark’s journey we’ll also be shining a light on the global export ambitions of many of our portfolio businesses, and look forward to sharing these success stories with you.

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