Injecting innovation into NHS services

When Qualasept was spun out of The University of Bath in 2006, the founders had to give up all their customers and start from scratch.

Yet from that humble beginning the pharmaceuticals services business now works with 220 hospitals across the UK, and will generate a turnover of £120m this year. Qualasept, which runs clean rooms where drugs in vials are transferred into ready to administer syringes or other devices, has become a vital partner to the NHS.

The business invests heavily in innovation to stay one step ahead of its customers’ needs. “We have our own R&D lab with team of six scientists,” says co-founder Richard Wastnage.

“Most of our research is focused on extending the shelf-life of our products. Once a drug is in a syringe, the shelf-life is just eight hours. We can now extend that between 48 hours and 84 days, which cuts wastage at hospitals.”

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