Fitness innovator flexes its muscles

From a standing start in 2013, fitness start-up MoveGB has grown exponentially to boast 200,000 users nationwide.

The innovative business allows its customers to access hundreds of local gyms and exercise studios, and book a wide range of fitness instructors. “Ask any consumer if they want to be healthy and active for rest of their life, they say yes, but the average gym only keeps a customer engaged for eight weeks,” says MoveGB founder Alister Rollins.

“It's a big problem and one that we’re trying to solve by offering variety and convenience.” This variety, combined with the high level of customer service, is clearly working. MoveGB’s customers, or Movers as they are commonly known within the business, are four times more likely to stay active than single venue users.

MoveGB may be more expensive than a typical gym membership but customers stay for the service: the company sends flowers if a member gets injured, and credits money back if a membership lies dormant.

The company currently has 15 cities on board and its next move is to crack London.

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