Backing ambition in the Midlands - by Andy Lyndon, Head of LDC in the Midlands

This year, LDC celebrates 30 years supporting businesses across the Midlands.

Over that time, we’ve invested a total of £1.2bn in 150 ambitious and innovative firms.

Being local to the businesses we back is very important to the team here. It means we can go out and see business owners, and they can visit us, which makes us part of the fabric of this entrepreneurial community.

While the Midlands is home to many different types of business operating across a wide spread of industries, it certainly hasn’t lost its heritage as the “workshop of the world”.

We’ve backed a lot of companies in the manufacturing and engineering sectors. But the fast-growing knowledge economy in the region has also created many fast-growing IT businesses, and innovative consumer brands.

Ultimately, we are looking for ambitious management teams who want our support to meet their growth goals.

Be that through opening up international expansion opportunities, helping to buy and integrate complementary businesses or providing investment to unlock growth potential.

Our model is firmly a partnership - we don’t want to take over, and we aren’t looking for control. The NEC Group is one such example of ambition and partnership, but we have many more across our portfolio. The region really is a hotbed of entrepreneurship, full of hidden gems that are poised to become the big successes of tomorrow.

Backing Business Ambition 2017