Celebrating Extraordinary Ambition

Nobody knows more about setting and delivering the seemingly impossible than record-breaking cyclist and adventurer Mark Beaumont.

As part of his preparation for an attempt to cycle around the world in 80 days, LDC ambassador Mark set himself the target of cycling around Britain in just 14 and a half days. And on 18th April he completed that challenge, clocking up an impressive 240 miles a day.

This crucial first phase wasn’t just about Mark though. He was guided and supported by a committed team of carefully chosen people whose skill and tenacity helped him over the finish line. When the odds were stacked against him, Mark’s crew were there every inch of the way.

This ability to plan, work together and match each other’s ambition are going to be vital when Mark takes on his next challenge.  The process is never seamless, it is challenging and needs constant communication, honesty and hard work.

Of the many lessons Mark and his team learned on the road, here are five of the most important.

1. Ambition is achievable…

… but preparation is key. To complete Around Britain, Mark had to consume at least 8,000 Kcal a day. This wasn’t just a test for Mark, but his team as well. Trialling and testing different foods to see how his body would react was crucial. Not everything worked, but this level of preparation will be vital for success on the world. 

2. Having a strong team

On previous expeditions Mark has often gone alone, finding food along the way and trying to find somewhere safe to sleep, but this time he has the full support of a dedicated team. This partnership between Mark and his crew will be vital when he sets off on his world record-breaking attempt. This is not the mission of one man, but an entire team all dedicated to one cause.

3. Overcoming adversity

Mark had to battle through tough weather conditions and this is where his team stepped in again. At one point, they took him off the road because he was growing excessively cold, wet and his core temperature had dropped. His team reacted to the changes in conditions and showed great flexibility to deal with the situation at hand. A perfect example of making the right decision, at the right time and putting safety first.

4. Recognising priorities

Mark picked up niggles that could have become injuries along the journey, including a swollen knee and hands. Cycling through heavy headwinds also took its toll, causing tight muscles. The team had to choose their moments to help Mark stretch and apply equipment designed to stimulate muscles and help increase blood flow. A combination of his crew’s intuition, Mark’s strong leadership and sticking together will be imperative to their world record attempt. Things can go wrong and when they do, it takes a strong, resilient team to persevere and get the right result.

5. Matching ambitions

Mark’s desire to test himself is matched only by his ambition to encourage more people to push their own boundaries, examine their goals and question what they really think they’re capable of. Around Britain has been one of his biggest tests yet. Taking the learnings from this ride into his next adventure will be invaluable in his pursuit of a world record.

The themes of partnership and trust have played a major role in getting Mark this far. Having an experienced team around him and meticulously planning how they can all reach their long-term goal together is something many of us can relate to. Business is no different. If you want to succeed and reach your target, preparation is everything. However, to achieve truly outstanding results, ambition must play a central part in your growth plans.

At LDC we understand the importance of partnering ambition with the right support. That’s just one of the reasons why we’re proud to be a lead sponsor for Mark’s challenge and consider him part of the LDC family.

To view Mark’s daily updates and videos from this incredible challenge you can visit www.artemisworldcycle.com and follow on Twitter via @MrMarkBeaumont and #80days.