LDC Corporate Ambassador - Mark Beaumont

Mark Beaumont is a documentary maker and adventurer with many record breaking expeditions under his belt. Bringing his experience to life through business and commerce, Mark has been an LDC Ambassador since 2007 and shares with us the winning passion that drives him to complete such feats of endurance.

Here is a timeline of his achievements:

- 2008 -
Mark became the Guinness World Record holder for the fastest solo circumnavigation of the world by bicycle, breaking the previous time by 81 days. “The Man who Cycled the World” was made into a BBC documentary series and nominated for a BAFTA.

- 2010 -
He followed this with an expedition to the Americas which involved cycling over 13,000 miles from Alaska to Tierra del Feugo whilst climbing the highest peaks in North and South America, Aconcagua and Denali. This was also made into a BBC documentary and a book.

- 2011 -
Mark was the BBC cameraman and a crew member of an expedition team that rowed to the 1996 location of the North Magnetic Pole to highlight the already dramatic effect of climate change on the ice around the Polar Regions.

- 2012 -
The Atlantic Odyssey was Mark’s six man team expedition to break the mid-Atlantic rowing World Record. After 28 days disaster struck when they capsized and were thrown into a 14 hour fight for their lives before being rescued.

- 2013 -
Mark presented for BBC World during the Queen’s Baton Relay, the journey that culminated in the 2014 Commonwealth Games. He boarded 130 planes, visited 69 nations and territories and travelled over 120,000 miles, telling the stories of athletes coming to compete in Glasgow.

- 2015 -
Mark broke the Guinness World Record for cycling Cairo to Cape Town. ‘Africa Solo’ was a 6,750 mile race down Africa in a time of 41 days and 10 hours, knocking an astonishing 18 days off the previous best time. Mark averaged 160 miles a day through the searing heat of Sudan, the mountains and broken roads of Ethiopia and the great savannah of countries including Tanzania and Botswana.

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