Nuclear Engineering Services (NES) provides equipment to all of the UK’s nuclear power stations.

NES is also responsible for the design, construction and commission of three large and highly complex Silo Emptying Plants for remote material extraction from one of the principle storage buildings at Sellafield.

In April 2009 LDC invested £6.5million in Nuclear Engineering Services.

Since backing the business in 2009, LDC has worked in close partnership with NES’ management team to implement a strategic growth plan.

During the investment period, NES has delivered substantial sales and profit growth and completed a strategic investment to install new state-of-the-art CNC machinery at its manufacturing facility in Wolverhampton and built a new strategically located Engineering and Manufacturing Centre in West Cumbria.

NES’s turnover more than doubled from £18million (2008) to £37million (2013),with employee numbers significantly increasing to over 420 an increase of 180 people.

In May 2014 LDC exited NES in a £30million transaction with Ansaldo Energia Group, Italy's largest supplier, installer and service provider for power generation plants and components. The transaction delivered LDC in excess of 2x return on original investment.

Since LDC’s investment back in 2009, we have achieved and exceeded on our growth objectives each year. Their strategic input to our business has been invaluable, and they have been fully supportive of our expansion and investment plans.
Tony Eckford, Chairman, NES