LDC Scotland - Northern Exposure

LDC in Scotland supports a vibrant and growing Scottish economy.

Recently, LDC has invested over £50million in the region which includes a re-investment in Motherwell-based MB Aerospace and an investment in Ramco Oil Services, a major service provider to the North Sea oil and gas industry in a deal which will support the business in its international expansion.

The team in Scotland also support LDC's portfolio activity in the region, which includes LDCs fund commitment to Epi-V, a business that targets the oil and gas services sector.

The team is well placed to originate and support a greater flow of investment opportunities. This includes a specific focus upon the exciting and fast expanding oil and gas sector, alongside a clear mandate to invest in any growing Scottish businesses.

Meet the Scotland Team

With strong contacts throughout the region, the expert and enthusiastic team in Scotland are able to review business propositions from any sector.

In The Community

LDC Oil and Gas sector focus

LDC's team in Scotland has the oil and gas sector firmly in its sights as LDC's appetite remains strong to find and invest in further opportunities in this sector.

In March 2013, LDC invested £32million into Ramco, the leading provider of tubular services for the off-shore oil and gas industry, this follows the £40million investment in Bifold, a leading manufacturer of valves for the oil and gas industry and Epi-V a specialist fund for emerging oil and gas technologies.

Following these deals, it is understandable that the exciting and fast-expanding oil and gas sector is of considerable interest to LDC.


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Growing your business through acquisition

LDC is a supporter of growth through acquisition and has over the past few years supported a number of our portfolio businesses in this approach.


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