Financing opportunity.

LDC has a wealth of experience in supporting financial services businesses, having invested more than £175million to support more than 18 management teams across the sector.

The financial services industry continues to play a central role in the UK economy, not just in London, but across the country.

LDC’s investment in the sector is focused on high growth data and information service providers for the financial services industry, as well as organisations providing direct services to consumers or corporates.

We have added value to organisations such as Equiom, comdirect, Cardsave and HFS Loans through organic growth, international expansion and buy and build strategies.


Recent Financial Services Transactions

  • Bluestone Logo


    Bluestone Group is a financial services business founded in 2000, with offices in the UK, Ireland, and Australasia.
    Financial Services
    Deal Size
    £60m to £80m
    Entry Date
    Exit Date
    Exit Type
  • Equiom Logo


    Headquartered in the Isle of Man, Equiom is an international professional services provider.
    Financial Services
    Deal Type
    Secondary Buyout
    Deal Size
    £20m to £40m
    Entry Date