Business ambition is all about drive and determination, attributes that are commonly seen in the sporting world.

At LDC, we're no strangers to sporting ambition thanks to our long-standing partnership with renowned adventurer, Mark Beaumont, who famously broke the world record for cycling around the world, and more recently completed his 'Africa Solo' mission in 2015.

Our corporate ambassador is quick to hail the parallels between sport and business, and the importance of making sure you have the right team around you.

"Ultimately, whether you’re cycling around the world, or looking to maximise the potential of a company, the aims are the same. You have to trust the target, but you have to put in the effort to achieve it.

"Most challenges are won or lost before you get to the start line, and due diligence and planning are paramount. A sustainable success story relies on a team of experts who trust each other’s dedication and skills. Above all, it is this support network that will help you reach the finish line."