The Year Ahead

Last year, our teams across the UK backed another 20 high-performing companies with £330million of equity, underlining our enduring commitment to backing Britain’s ambitious management teams.

Investing across our equity range in almost every sector and deal structure, our activity showed the flexibility of our approach, whilst our £35million provision of follow-on funding demonstrated our continuing support for portfolio companies when opportunities arise.

We also invested from each of our regions - from Aberdeen to Reading – confirming the importance of our regional networks and trusted relationships.

Over the last three years, LDC has deployed £1billion of capital and 50 companies have embarked on a new growth journey with LDC; each one journey focused on one thing - unlocking potential.

Thanks to the drive of the management teams we partnered with, combined with our ongoing support and ability to source strategic buyers at home and overseas, our investments have generated more than £2billion of sale proceeds since 2014. This represents an average return of 2.5 times our original investment and an IRR of 37%.

Whilst last year highlighted the danger of making predictions about future events, we see growth opportunities in every region of the UK on the road ahead. And for all the uncertainty, one commitment we can make is that we’re on the ground and ready to support management teams.

Our pledge to invest a further £1.2billion over the next three years is a clear signal of that commitment, and an important message of confidence in Britain’s business entrepreneurs, owners and managers, and their visions for growth.

By providing access to capital, strategic guidance and operational support, we’re determined to help management teams face any uncertainty and create lasting value, both domestically and internationally. That’s how we’ll build the global businesses of the next decade together.

Thank you for your continued support and here’s to another successful year in 2017.

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