The Midlands: Backing the Nation’s Engine Room

Today, our Backing Business Ambition campaign arrives in the Midlands – the first leg of our journey across the entrepreneurial hubs of Britain in search of 35 inspiring medium-sized firms.

The Midlands has long-been viewed as the engine room of the UK economy thanks to its rich heritage in engineering. Here, we shine a light on just a handful of the most ambitious firms across the region with their sights set firmly on growth.

Reading their stories highlights just how much the region has to offer – a wealth of businesses with a drive and determination to lead, innovate, grow and export, led by management teams with the talent to make it happen.

Our experience of investing in the Midlands also bears testimony to this unique strength of character and opportunity. Over three decades, we’ve backed more than 150 firms, providing more than £1.1bn of capital to help them to meet their own ambitions.

Across almost every sector – from engineering and specialist manufacturing to aerospace, pharmaceuticals and business services – we’ve worked with outstanding firms that have achieved great success through our partnership. 

Manufacturer Eley; events giant NEC Group; lifestyle brand Joules; fast-growing logistics firm Panther; rail services firm Aspin Group; SAP services business, Centiq; data centre company Node 4 – the list goes on.

The common ingredient? Ambition. Yes, they all had a strong proposition in their markets and a clear growth strategy, but it was their management teams’ ability and ambition that always stood out.

And that’s always been the secret of our own success – recognising that business owners and managers know how to run their business. Our role is to back and support their vision with the financial and strategic firepower needed to help them realise that potential.

With a diverse and fast-growing economy, a reputation and heritage for enterprise and a growing population of quality, privately-owned businesses, the Midlands has a position of real strength.

And LDC stands ready to back that potential for another 35 years.

Read more about LDC’s Backing Business Ambition campaign in partnership with the Daily Telegraph in today’s edition, or visit the online hub.