How to select the right private equity firm?

The right private equity partner can enable business owners to supercharge the growth of their company while they continue to run it and realise some of the value they have already created.

Our investment strategy is focused on backing management teams to achieve their growth ambitions. Each company’s opportunities are different and we shape our approach accordingly.

What is important is ensuring investors and management teams are the right fit. LDC recognises the value of retaining expertise and protecting a business’ organisational culture. This is why we build partnerships with founders and owners when making an investment.

This also offers an opportunity for founders to participate in future value creation and remain part of the fabric of an organisation. Shareholders that realise some of their investment in the transaction will often reinvest in the business, alongside LDC, to benefit from future growth.

Having a shared vision for the business is paramount to a successful investment, which is why long-term objectives are so important. LDC invests up to £100m of flexible equity capital in each company we support, both at the initial investment stage and through follow-on funding. And our patient approach ensures we have the time to grow your business in partnership with you.

Throughout the years, our partnerships have developed strong and inspiring businesses. Many go on to float on the public markets or become part of multinational organisations.