Entertainment Magpie is a recommerce technology company that buys unwanted gadgets, games, consoles, CDs, and DVDs

The business trades through an online site - musicMagpie.co.uk.

Entertainment Magpie's 'Valuation Engine' software is unique to the business and the entertainment product market, enabling musicMagpie.co.uk to offer consumers an individual price for each item they want to sell. Items and materials purchased are then sold through a range of online, retail and wholesale channels with a large proportion being traded internationally.

In April 2011 LDC invested significant development capital in Entertainment Magpie (“musicMagpie.co.uk”).

In 2014, it expanded the same model in the USA under the brand ‘decluttr’.

In 2015 Entertainment Magpie received a significant development capital investment from the Manchester office of NVM Private Equity in a deal that saw LDC exit the business.

We have enjoyed a strong relationship with LDC over the period of working together and are grateful for their support during the last four years,
Co-Founder, Entertainment Magpie