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At LDC we have been partnering with ambitious management teams for more than 35 years, helping them to grow their business and increase shareholder value.

While our work with each business is different, there is always one constant - an approach that champions ambition and partnership. We recognise that this underpins success and places ambition at the heart of everything we do.

Backing Business Ambition 2017

From June we will be showcasing some of Britain’s most inspiring companies – the untold success stories of growth, exporting, leadership and innovation. We will profile these businesses across the UK through regional media partnerships, with the campaign culminating in a showcase in the Daily Telegraph.

Extraordinary Ambition

Extraordinary Ambition

LDC's ambassador takes on his most ambitious challenge yet

Inspirational adventurer Mark Beaumont is attempting to peddle his way to a new world record by cycling around the world in 80 days - smashing 43 days off the current time.

Around the World: In Numbers

1 Man
15 Countries
16 Hours cycling every day
80 Days
240 Miles a day
Total Distance
18,000 miles in total

Backing Business Ambition 2016

We have been backing the ambitions of British business since 1981, supporting the aspirations of almost 550 small and mid-sized companies that form the backbone of the UK economy.

To mark this milestone, and to celebrate these unsung heroes, over the coming months we will be sharing a collection of interviews, success stories and videos. We are also partnering with the Daily Telegraph to identify 35 of the most ambitious businesses across the UK, in our 35th year.

Are you an Ambitious Business Leader?

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