Our commitment to ambition

Whilst many investors understandably choose to ‘wait and see’, preferring to keep their powder dry, we’ve always taken a counter-cyclical approach.

Why? Because in the last 35 years we've seen businesses thrive and go for growth at every point of the cycle – whether through buy and build, diversification of offering, internationalisation or innovation.

Our appetite to invest remains as strong as ever. Supported by our sole funder, Lloyds Banking Group, we are committed to investing £1.2billion across the UK mid-market over the next three years.

We partner with management teams

We work in partnership with the business leaders we back.

Whatever the need – transitioning ownership, funding acquisitions, providing growth capital to innovate, scale or diversify, or all of the above – private equity is one of the most accessible and yet powerful catalysts. Capital and expertise can help to grow bigger and better businesses.

And, far from it being about taking control and enforcing discipline, it’s about working in partnership, realising opportunity and creating flexibility.

Committed to backing ambition

LDC has always backed ambition wherever we can, whether it be in the workplace, with management teams or in the futures of young people. From identifying unsung heroes in the UK’s mid-market to supporting young people into enterprise with The Prince’s Trust and helping the development of junior athletes at Birchfield Harriers. We are committed to backing ambition.

How could a partnership with LDC support your business ambition?