Our Criteria

LDC provides equity finance for UK unquoted businesses with the below criteria.

  • Turnover

    of at least £5million
  • Profits

    Exceed £1million
  • Track Record

    Profitable track record

  • Team

    Ambitious & capable
  • Equity Support

    Up to £100million

  • Management Buyout (MBO)

    LDC can support a management team with the funds necessary to buy a business form the current parent company or private owners.

  • Development Capital

    LDC can provide the capital required for a business to grow without a change in ownership.
  • Secondary Buyout (SBO)

    LDC can support the buyout of a business from another private equity house often to deliver further business growth objectives.
  • Buy & Build

    LDC has a strong appetite to support ‘buy & build’ growth strategies enabling a business to acquire complementary businesses either vertically or horizontally within an industry.
  • Succession Planning

    LDC can assist owners of businesses as they begin to plan for ownership and management succession. This can enable the owner to give up majority control whilst maintaining the character of a business.
  • Funds

    LDC has very specific requirements in this area and currently supports a limited number of funds which include a niche oil & gas fund and a growth fund that focuses upon Midlands-based businesses.