How We Work Together

At LDC, 30 years of backing management teams has taught us the importance of relationships and the value of trust.

Over £1.1bn in gains achieved since 2003

We often say investing in a business is like embarking on a journey - a journey where the route and timetable may be planned, but are rarely guaranteed. Finding a partner who's prepared to ride the ups and downs is critical.

This collaborative approach is the cornerstone of our culture, which continues to make us the partner of choice for ambitious businesses across the UK.

We also understand that not every management team wants the same level or type of support from its investment partner – getting the 'fit' right is something we dedicate a lot of time and effort to before we invest, making sure the team is right from the word go. But a thousand words won’t do it justice – it's far better to meet and speak to the people who would be working with you.

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Case Studies

  • Quantum Pharmaceutical

    Sector: Healthcare

    Quantum Pharmaceutical is one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of tailor-made medicines or ‘specials’.

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  • Metronet UK

    Sector: TMT

    Metronet (UK) is an internet services provider combining innovative wireless technology with traditional fibre.

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