Supporting industrial innovation

LDC has invested in over 130 manufacturing & specialist industrial businesses.

Specialist engineering & manufacturing remains one of the UK's most dynamic industry sectors with many UK businesses proving resilient through the recent economic downturn whilst benefitting from increased demand from emerging economies. LDC has proven experience in this sector having completed over 130 transactions in its 30 year history.

LDC has a £500million commitment will continue to focus on firms with specialist manufacturing capabilities across a wide range of niche industrial sectors such as aerospace, power generation and oil and gas, and will be open to all UK mid-market businesses in the £10million to £150million enterprise value range.

Recent examples can be found in the Portfolio section.

For more information about LDC's experience in this sector contact one of our regional teams.

  • Aspin is the UK market leader in the design and construction of piled foundations for the rail sector.
    Type: Development Capital
    Deal Size: £20m to £40m
    Entry Date: 27/04/2015
    Exit Date: -
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  • For over 180 years Eley Group has been manufacturing high quality ammunition.
    Type: Management Buy-Out
    Deal Size: £40m to £60m
    Entry Date: 06/10/2014
    Exit Date: -
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