Healthy financing opportunities

LDC has invested in over 20 healthcare businesses.

Our current focus in this sector is in producers of medical equipment, product & services, pharmaceuticals, provision of services into the healthcare sector and niches ripe for consolidation within the space. Our goal is to identify and transact with quality management teams in the sector, which provide quality of service and have the ambition to develop further.

Recent examples can be found in the Portfolio section.

For more information about LDC's experience in this sector contact one of our regional teams.

  • Synexus is the world's largest multi-national company focused on the recruitment and running of clinical trials.
    Type: Management Buy-Out
    Deal Size: £80m to £100m
    Entry Date: 23/02/2015
    Exit Date: -
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  • Prism Medical UK are providers of specialist equipment for mobility disadvantaged clients.
    Type: Buy and Build
    Deal Size: £20m to £40m
    Entry Date: 14/04/2014
    Exit Date: -
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