Equity Release

Entrepreneurs are renowned for putting their life's work and savings into their business ventures.

Invested over £2bn since 2003

For most, there comes a point when they seek to realise some of that effort and commitment.

Equity release transactions – sometimes referred to as cash out deals – enable owners to de-risk their personal financial positions by selling part of their shareholding to a private equity investor while remaining fully involved in their business.

As well as releasing value from the business, the involvement of an institutional investor can also kick-start a period of accelerated growth, creating the optimum conditions for a full exit for the shareholders in due course.

See examples of recent transactions we've supported, many of which included aspects of equity release. Alternatively, contact a member of our team to discuss how LDC can help your business grow.

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  • LDC continues to build on last year’s robust performance having so far invested over £160million across a broad array of industry sectors; from financial and support services to TMT...

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