Why Private Equity?

Private equity can be used in a variety of scenarios to achieve a wide range of financial and strategic objectives.

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The management team of a company or subsidiary may have an opportunity to acquire the business from its parent or founder (MBO). A business owner could decide to sell part of their shareholding to realise some of the value they've created over the years (equity release). A fast growing company may need investment to fund its expansion (growth capital), or to build scale in its market through acquisitions.

Whatever the circumstances, the ultimate goal is to create long-term value by helping your business achieve its full potential.

Sharing risk and reward

Unlike other types of secured funding, a private equity partner shares the risk and reward opportunity by investing directly in your business alongside the management team. It’s a partnership, based on shared objectives, which fosters a more committed, long-term approach.

Adding value to business

At LDC, our approach to private equity investment can also add value to your business – securing world-class leadership from our network of non-executives, winning business development opportunities from our portfolio companies, drawing on the strategic and operational expertise of our in-house teams, accessing new international markets through our presence in fast-growing economies, and much more.

Management focus

Many of the management teams we’ve backed over the last three decades also highlight the increased focus, professionalism and structure that an institutional investor brings to the board room, such as improved reporting, governance and fiscal discipline.

The bottom line is that private equity investment helps companies grow faster by providing the right platform, structure and opportunity for expansion.

To understand more about the options available, contact a member of our team.

What type of investment is right for my business?

Private equity investment can be deployed in a number of ways, depending on the specific characteristic and requirements of each business.



Helping management teams acquire the businesses they're running.

Growth Capital

Growth Capital

Helping high growth companies accelerate their expansion.

Releasing Equity

Releasing Equity

Helping principal shareholders realise value without releasing control.



Helping businesses achieve scale through targeted acquisitions.

Private equity investment can also be used in other types of scenarios and structures, such as institutional buy-outs (IBO), secondary buy-outs (SBO), buy-in management buy-outs (BIMBO), mergers and private placements. For more information, visit our glossary of terms for an explanation.

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