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The Walking With The Wounded Cumbrian Challenge 2013 -

On Saturday 18th May (in 15 days time….yikes!), LDC will be taking part in The Walking with the Wounded Cumbrian Challenge.

This is a fundraising challenge when LDC employees and friends will be taking ‘on’ the Cumbrian hills, alongside the Walking With The Wounded North Pole, Everest and South Pole expedition teams….and a host of other teams competing in the challenge.

WWTW_Solo_ColourRedThe challenge will take between 7 – 11 hours to complete and consists of hiking up various iconic peaks of the Lake District (this is actual hiking not hitch-hiking!), the challenge really isn’t for the faint hearted and physical fitness is imperative.

Cumbrian-Trek-530x382Walking With The Wounded raises funds to support the re-training and re-education of our wounded service men and women. For many of them, leaving the Armed Forces was not a choice as their injuries meant they could not carry on and would need to take a change in career path. Walking With The Wounded aims to inspire and support these courageous people to achieve a fulfilling life beyond their injuries eventually returning them to their workplace.

LDC employees are all truly inspired by the professionalism, courage and determination that many members of the Armed Forces face when they return home often having to head down a different future to the one they had planned out. We could not be more inspired and determined to complete this challenge and in the process raise funds for the futures of those who have given so much on our behalf.

There are 13 LDC teams and their individual team donation sites are below, however if you wish to show support for all team efforts there is a general donation site for LDC, click here.

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