Our Criteria

LDC specialises in providing equity finance for unquoted UK companies with profits typically in excess of £1million.

Companies that are not only surviving but thriving as a result of this through-the-cycle commitment

Established in 1981 LDC is a leading player in the private equity mid-market and is able to provide up to £100million of funds for management buy-outs, institutional buy-outs and development capital (replacement, expansion and acquisition) transactions.

LDC has a specific market focus and expertise.

  • The company's turnover should be at least £5million.
  • Profits before tax and interest should generally exceed £1million.
  • There should be at least a two-year profit history.
  • Above all, the management team needs to be ambitious and capable.
  • Equity support of up to £100million
  • And we only invest in the following transactions types:
    • Management buy-outs (MBOs)
      This is where we support the management team with the necessary resources to buy the business from the current owner.
    • Institutional buy-outs
      This is where the private equity company buys the company and then provides the incumbent and/or incoming management with a stake in the business.
    • Development capital
      If a business requires finance for growth we can provide funds by investing equity in the business.
    • Equity Release (or Replacement Capital)
      This funding enables a shareholder to realise some or all of their shareholding.
    • Acquisition funding
      We provide the equity needed for one business to acquire another.
    • Pre-flotation funding
      In the run-up to a stock market flotation we buy equity to diversify the shareholder base.

If you would like further information contact a member of the LDC team.