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NRS is a market leading outsourced provider of specialist community healthcare equipment and services to the NHS and local authorities.

The Leicestershire-based company’s products and services help people with mobility issues to be self-sufficient within the home to either delay or prevent more expensive residential or acute care, and speed up departure from such environments.

Deal Information

In 2013, LDC backed the acquisition of NRS Healthcare, the healthcare division of Findel plc for a gross consideration of £24million.

Since the original investment, LDC has supported the transformation of the business' model to become a full service provider of domiciliary care and home adjustment equipment and services, alongside significant organic growth and infrastructure investment.

Revenues at NRS Healthcare have increased 46% from £90million (2013) to £132million (2014), the business also increased its staff by a third from 553(2013) to 734 (2014) employees.

In 2014, LDC partially exited NRS Healthcare after the business secured investment from H2 Equity Partners. On realisation, LDC has achieved a 2.8x return on money invested and will retain a minority investment in the business going forward.

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